Clubhouse & BBQ Area Use and Reservation

Owners of Hillcrest Buildings 1 through 18 have the ability to reserve either Clubhouse Two or Clubhouse One managed by the Hillcrest Presidents Council for private parties and events.

Additionally, owners of Hillcrest Buildings 1 through 18  must follow the same reservation process  for use of the Council BBQ areas for parties exceeding twelve persons (including residents).

Reservations are ONLY accepted by the unit owner and the owner MUST be present at all times.   The clubhouse or BBQ area may only be reserved for the owner’s personal use.

The owner should contact the Hillcrest Presidents Council Service Line at 800-680-9310.

The following items must be submitted and received in the designated time frame to confirm the reservation:

Clubhouse Use Permit

Liability & Waiver Form for Facility Reservation and Rules for Use

  1. $200 cash deposit
  2. Completed waiver form
  3. Receipt of event insurance policy naming Hillcrest Presidents Council as additional insured and certificate issued to be submitted to Council Secretary.

Use of the clubhouse or BBQ area does NOT include the pool area and all activities MUST remain within the clubhouse or BBQ area.   Guests are not permitted to use or occupy the pool or pool deck areas.