Request and Waiver Forms

Below you will find a library of forms necessary to obtain electronic fobs for gate access, fitness center waiver form, and forms necessary when reserving the clubhouse or BBQ areas for social parties.

Waiver form for clubhouse use


Pool & Grill Area Rules

  • See this section for additional information regarding use of BBQ areas for social events exceeding twelve individuals->  Reservation Information Page


Fitness Center Rules & Waiver Form

This form is to be completed to be granted access to the fitness center.  Please do not start any exercise program without first consulting with a physician.


HCPC Fob Request Form

Key Fobs may be requested by Owners ONLY of Hillcrest Buildings 1-18 and will be limited to the following conditions:

1. One (1) fob per residential unit. Residents/Property Owners with multiple units within Hillcrest Buildings 1-18 qualify for additional Fobs at one per unit (separate request form must be completed per unit). A fee of $50.00 will be charged to replace a lost or stolen key fob.
2. Electronic Key Fobs are available for all property owners for access into all pool areas. The same fob will work at all four pool areas. Fob will also grant entry into the Council Fitness Center, with receipt of completed waiver form (see form in this section)
3. Key Fob Transmitter cost: $10.00 NOTE: Make Checks payable to Hillcrest Presidents Council.
4. Submit proof of ownership 1). copy of photo ID and a copy of tax bill or utility bill. For new residents include copy of executed Board Approval Form.